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Last updated: March 20, 2023

Hey there, savvy user!

Before you dive into the wonderful world of our website, let's chat about the fine print – the Terms and Conditions. It's like reading the instructions before you start building that epic LEGO set, but without the tiny pieces to step on. Here's the lowdown:


Our website is a bit like your grandma's attic – it's provided "as is." While we do our best to keep things in tip-top shape, there might be some quirks and oddities lurking around. We're constantly adding new stuff, so think of it as an ever-evolving treasure hunt.


If you decide to create an account, please be honest with us. We promise we won't spill your secrets to the neighbor's cat. Remember, your password is your super-secret decoder ring – don't share it with anyone else. And if you spot any suspicious activity, let us know pronto!

Calls & Emails

We might give you a ring or send a friendly text if you provide your phone number. But don't worry, we won't turn into telemarketing robots. If you'd rather keep your phone on silent, you can opt out. We might also share your number with our pals (with your permission, of course), so be ready for some phone action!

Links To Other Websites

Our website is like a party with a lot of cool friends. We've got links to other websites, but we can't control their wild antics. So, if you click away from our shindig, be sure to read their party rules and privacy policies. It's like going to a new club – different rules, different vibes!

Limitation of Liabilities

In the unlikely event that something goes awry, we're not liable for any wonky errors or mishaps on our site. We're talking about direct damages, not the kind of damages you'd see in a superhero movie. So, if you trip over your virtual shoelaces, don't come looking for us.

Release & Indemnity

We're all about peaceful coexistence, but if there's a tiff between you and a third party, we're off the hook. You agree to protect us from any drama that might come our way. We prefer to keep our suits clean, thank you very much!

Governing Law

These Terms dance to the tune of United States laws. If there's a dispute, we won't play favorites. We'll let the law do its thing. If any part of these Terms is found to be unenforceable, the rest will keep on grooving.

Copyright & Trademarks

Our content is like a top-secret recipe. It's ours, and you can't use it without our permission. No sneaky chef tricks, please! And those trademarks you see? They're like our secret handshake – don't use them without asking first.

Claims of Copyright Infringement

If you spot a copyright issue, let us know! We'll take it seriously and investigate the matter. But please, send us a letter, not a carrier pigeon.

Ownership & License

Everything on our website is ours, and we'd like to keep it that way. You can browse, but don't go all copy-and-paste crazy, okay? We've worked hard on this stuff.


We're like a chameleon with an ever-changing wardrobe. We might update these Terms from time to time, but we promise not to surprise you with a completely new outfit. We'll give you a heads up when the change is big, so you can decide whether to stick around or exit stage left.

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